Unveiling the Anti-Corruption Project, Enhancing Transparency And Reducing Corruption in Borno State Health Sector

The Center for Advocacy, Transparency and Accountability Initiative (CATAI) is a Non-Governmental Organization whose mission is to enhance service delivery and empower citizens by building their capacity on institutional reforms using advocacy tools, in-depth research and innovative information technologies to make remarkable impacts.  CATAI strengthens communities by creating platforms for dialogue, enabling informed debate, and building the capacities of citizens on societal issues through our innovative ideas and solutions.

Lack of transparency and poor social accountability frameworks are some of the major governance challenges prevalent in  Nigeria and many developing countries. This menace enables Misappropriation of Funds and public resource embezzlement, mainly due to the information gap play and minimal citizens’ participation in governance processes. This sad reality is compounded by weak institutions and the inability to implement the required checks and balances necessary for effective democratic and accountable governance, particularly in grassroots communities.

As such, CATAI will be using its Isolution social accountability initiative, leveraging on domestic and international protocols such as the Open Government Partnership and Freedom of Information Law to ensure public accountability. CATAI will also build skills of citizens on government budgeting and spending and the role citizens play in monitoring effective public service. CATAI is kicking-off a project on “Enhancing Transparency and Reducing Corruption in Borno State Health Sector and other sectors as well.” This project is focused on complementing the effort of the government in implementing capital projects and ensuring the government is held to transparency standards in the course of carrying out capital projects. This will be done through the strengthening of civic advocacy and driving a citizen-driven led campaign to enhance service delivery.

The project is in partnership with the Centre for Information Technology and Development (CITAD) with support from the MacArthur Foundation, with a view to increase transparency and amplify voices.

The goal of this project is to enhance basic service delivery through the engagement of citizens in budget processes and implementation. It will also assist to tackle corrupt practices and promote transparency (Social Audit) by strengthening fiscal governance and government systems with the following broad-based objectives. 

  • Amplifying grassroots voices using technology tools on Project Tracking and Implementation across communities to hold their government to account and mitigate the misappropriation of released budgeted funds for implementation in Borno state Health sector capital projects.
  • Improve public accountability in government MDAs, mainstreaming strategic engagement and information flow between the demand and supply-side actors.

As we unveil this project today, CATAI will be working to track project in the health sector  in selected locations in Borno that involve :

  • Community outreach.
  • Weekly radio programs to give citizens the platform to air their views.

Citizen-driven tracking campaign to identify abandoned projects that needs to be reviewed.

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