Tracking the Construction of World Bank multi-sectoral Crises recovery Project at Walama District of Shani Local Government, Borno State.

Construct Walama

Outreach Background.

The Ministry of Reconstruction, rehabilitation and Resettlement and the World Bank Multi-sect oral Crises recovery project (MCRP) had awarded the contract of the construction of a new primary healthcare facility at Walama District of Shani local Government, Borno state. The project Implementation had begun reaching up to 60% completion. Centre For Advocacy, Transparency and Accountability Initiative (CATAI) Under its project Reducing corruption and enhancing transparency in Borno state Health sector had undergone a community outreach to assess the level of construction to share with government agencies in having effective and quality service been delivered to the community.

Figure 4 Walama District Head Advocating for the Fast construction of the facility.

Background of the community/facility in question.

Walama is a district of shani  located beside a historic rock in Shani Local government, it’s a very populated area with majority of them as farmer and have many social amenities like water supply, electric supply etc. they also have school and a 4 room clinic centre extended to 8 with the aid of N-ship fund. The community clinic provide service to majority of the rural areas that surround walama district such as Wuje, Bugja, Chapoke,lainde katu, lokoja and many more, providing service to over 12,000 people.

The new healthcare facility will assist in reducing infant mortality and many health challenges affecting the rural dwellers.  

Figure 5 Figure 1 New Walama health facility

Challenges faced over the lack of or incapacitation of the facility.

With a population of over 10,000 people and demand from other villages that surround the village, the healthcare facility will serve as a major priority which will help in providing healthcare services for the community.

The lack of the facility made   high demand for the community and the villages that surround the district. The new health care facility will help tackle the challenges of the District.

Issues surrounding the project currently being implemented.

The Implementation of the project is almost at 60% completion and on-going while the community call on the fast construction of the facility to enable them have access to basic health needs in their communities.

Figure 6 Inner view of the new walama health facility

Expectations of community on the project.

Many nearby villages depend on old walama health facility that if the new one is completed will help provide good health care delivery.

Figure 7 Walama community calling on government to health speed up the completing of the project

Call to Action on the government on the project.

  • Speed the construction of the facility.
  • Provision of water facility in the clinic
  • Provision of Health care facilities and drugs in the clinic.

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