Tracking the Construction of World Bank multi-sectoral Crises recovery Project at Gasi District of Shani Local Government Area. Borno State

Construct Gasi

Outreach Background.

The community outreach was conducted on the 07th January 2019 and it was focused at making findings on the progress of the construction of the 100 Bed capacity clinic at Gasi District of Shani local Government of Borno state. A contract awarded by the Ministry of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Resettlement and the word Bank multi-sectoral crises recovery project (MCRP). This is part of the effort in rebuilding the affected population in the northeastern part of the region.

Figure 1 Community people advocating for new Health facility

Background of the community/facility in question.

Gasi District is located more than 20 km away from the main road on an inaccessible road   of Borno-Adamawa Highway in Shani local Government area. The community population of over 10,000 people.  It has 19 polling units, making it the second largest ward in term of population in shani Local Government. The main occupation of gasi community is farming. The community also has many challenges such as basic needs and amenities such as electricity and lack of potable water supply with no access road. The new clinic project has started but not completed.

Figure 2 Old Primary Healthcare Facility at Gasi community

Challenges faced over the lack of or incapacitation of the facility.

The Gasi Health Care facility is almost at 40% while the community access healthcare from the community dispensary with limited manpower and wards for admitting patience. The fraction of the facility that is functional accommodates limited patience leaving behind the majority of the people to access healthcare at some selected neighboring communities. The community members cover a long distance in having healthcare facility leading to the death of many people due to inaccessible road for them to meet with their healthcare demands.

Figure 3 Children in Gasi call for fast construction of Gasi Health care Facility.

Limited drugs also contribute to frequent cases of antenatal and postnatal care for the girl child in the community. Major issues surrounding the healthcare facility include the following Frequent Infant Mortality.

Issues surrounding the project currently being implemented.

The main issue surrounding the project is the absence of contractor to fast-track the process of the construction of the new health care facility. The  Absence of contractors in the side is a major setback in  completing  the projects, the project has stopped at 40% which need to be completed to enable over 10,000 people within the community has accessible Healthcare facility.

Expectations of community members from the project.

The expectation of the community from the project is for the government to take action in completing the Healthcare facility and providing doctors that will look after the wellbeing of the community.

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