Tracking (6) N-Ship Contracted Facilities in some Selected Pilot Locations Within Three Local Government in Borno State.

The NSHIP/AF is a project of Federal Government of Nigeria with credits from the World Bank being implemented in many states with Borno State as one of the major beneficiary .The project aims to improve the provision and utilization of high impact maternal and child health services in the implementing states so as to improve health indices of the states in particular and that of Nigeria at large. The AF-NSHIP had contracted 181 healthcare facilities in 15 local Government of Borno state concluded plans to scale up to addition 10 LGAs in 2020 there are probabilities of reaching over 20,000 people seeking refuge in IDP camps in Borno state under the NSHIP/AF-NSHIP.
In NSHIP health facilities, both structural and process of qualitative care have greatly improved since the introduction of the project. In addition, community ownership forms the corner stone of the project and hence, Ward Development Committees (WDCs) in all the wards have been very active and functional. Our project targets how utilization of the funds is being managed in most of the health facilities in community level with facility managers and Ward Development Committees. Tracking ($10,000) Nship Grant to Dalaram Healthcare facility. (07-01-2020)
Background of Facility
Dalaram Health facility is a facility located at Old Maiduguri in Jere Local Government Area with a projected population of over 21,100 in the community; the healthcare facility is among the first contracted facility in the community to boost and provide access to service to the population with the NShip project. Despite the availability and the grant support, the community experiences a huge challenge due to the limited grant spending or misappropriation of the expended resources. The facility is among the first to be contracted on the Nship project to enhance the Healthcare delivery in June 2017.


According to the Chief Nursing Officer during a community outreach to the healthcare facility, it was observed that the facility has limited number of manpower which can contribute or be a major problem to the lives of many people within the community. Part of the major challenges faced by the facility is as follows:

  • Community members travel long distance to get access to healthcare facility.
  • Limited number of drugs leading patience to seek for alternative at secondary healthcare facilities.
Figure 1 Two Bed available in the clinic.


The community accesses healthcare services from neighboring communities of State Low-cost, Old Maiduguri, Gongolon, Fariya and Madinnatu primary healthcare centers respectively, despite the fact that the community is as old as Maiduguri settlement itself. Emergency situations mostly during the night pose serious concern to the people of the community.

The contracted facility has limited number of beneficiary to enable it stage up to meet up with bonuses that can effectively enable its utilization of the funds in the health facility. The Health facility also purchase drugs elsewhere when needed by the healthcare facility to enable them provide services to the community effectively.

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