TRACKING ($10,000) Nship Grant at Ngomari Clinic of Jere Local Government Area

Background of the facility.

Ngomari is one of the communities that are part of the Nship project with population of approximately 38,812 people. The community’s health facility was in state of dilapidation with poor health attendance to the people in concern. A campaign was launched to subject the facility to betterment and equip it to advancement of healthcare system. The emphasis of the campaign has stressed out on the need and has attained the capacitation of the upgrade of the facility. The campaign is to track the project by ensuring accountability and judicious utilization of the grant to the community. The project focused on tracking the implementation of grant performance.

Figure 2 Ngomari Health Facility Renovated by the Nship project.


The community people have some major challenges due to the little resources and strictness in the releases of the Nship Grants.  Some part of the challenges are as follows:

  • Lack of enough drugs in the clinic facility.
  • Lack of beds in theatre and Labor rooms.
  • Lack of enough beds in female and male medical wards, with only 3 beds available in each ward.

With the utilization of the resources some of these demands were made with issues surrounding the project span across the equipment’s and staffing, there are considerably low number of beds compared to an expected standard that can cover the patients. The theatre room is not well fit enough for operating as it won’t serve the need by patients. This is because there is no space and the rooms cannot cover respective purposes.  The space reserved for a labor room is at times improvised for a theatre room. In consideration the population has a significant increase from 37,537 in 2017 to 38,812 in 2019 in the community due to the influx of IDPs in the community. The post-natal ward have only 10 beds which is not enough compared to the number of patients that give birth in the clinic.

Figure 3 Pharmacy with the drugs purchased from the Nship Grants.

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