Abubakar Sadiq Mu’azu

Founder / Executive Director

Abubakar Sadiq Mu’azu is the Founder / Executive Director of Center for Advocacy, Transparency and Accountability Initiative (CATAI). Having engaged in business process development and strategic expansion mission with more than 7  Years working in the Humanitarian and development Sector, he is on a mission to create a vibrant arts community that enhances the quality of life, easy access to basic needs of life,  and elevating the less privileged and vulnerable persons, especially children and women, adolescents and Youths in his youth-led organization through a youth-led initiative, community mobilization and participation, citizen participation, transparent and accountable activities.

He has great skills in Resource Mobilisation, Finance Management and Corporate and organizational development which has given him efficient operations strategies to maintain a strong culture and work climate that attracts and retains staff, and drives the organization’s mission and visions. He has created for himself a niche around northeast Nigeria and currently developing a strategic and operational approach to enhance efficiency in programs, administration and project activities. Having a leadership mindset and understanding of current trends and best practices, he also has proven experience developing a fundraising plan and implementation. These are evident in the currently ongoing project CATAI is implementing and the previously concluded. He has over these years developed and established excellent relationships with local community groups, associations and stakeholders in the humanitarian and development sector in Education, Governance, Leadership, Protection, Peacebuilding, Livelihood and others where he has established a clear communication link and feedback mechanisms for  Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, accountability and transparency.

He currently has a staff strength of above one hundred and fifteen (115) staff; these include volunteers, interns and casual workers among whom are three (3) Programs; Human Resource and Finance and Admin a Coordinator and several Project Officers, Assistants and Interns. It is interesting to note that Abubakar as a young, dynamic, agile, educated and visionary leader is 28  years old with excellent academic and professional certifications, he is a Graduate of The prestigious University of Maiduguri where he obtained Bsc. Geography  And Currently undergoing his masters in Disaster  Risk Management and Developmental studies. He has professionally managed many projects with several donors such as USAID,Macarthur Foundation, UNICEF and several other organization  with  both local and international partners partners.